3300 County Road 233, Florence, Texas 76527

Veteran Employment Opportunities

Assembly/Shop Help: responsible for helping with taking machined parts from raw state to finished goods. Includes deburring, blasting, tumbling, assembly, packaging parts for OSP, etc. for next step of final retail packaging.  (Looking for 2-3) - Full Time, but will consider PT with the right person.


CNC Operator/Shop Help: responsible for cleaning machines, loading raw materials, QC 1st and last articles on production runs, keeping all HAAS machines running throughout the day.  This position will also help with assembly and packaging. (Looking for 1-2) - Full Time


Picking/Processing/Shipping: responsible for printing, sorting, pulling orders for processing. Putting away finished goods into inventory, processing invoices and shipping labels.  Packaging of completed orders for shipment to customers.  I need a snappy, detailed person for this one.  (Looking for 1) - Full Time

Maria Clark, MBA | Chief Operating Officer 

3300 County Road 233, Florence, Texas 76527