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Online Reporting of Community Service 

In accordance with I.R.S. guidelines the community service reported by me was conducted by VFW &/or Auxiliary members for the benefit of non-members and the community-at-large for which no reimbursement or payment of any kind was received and has been documented in the Meeting Minutes at the monthly post meeting. 


Community Service Questions? Email Gene Davenport at


Instructions:  Please review the Community Service Guideline to insure you are in compliance with current directives, policies, and guideline for submitting your Community Service.

The IRS will use your meeting minutes to verify you meet the standards of community service for non-profit organizations. To remain within the spirit and intent of the VFW Charter a Post is granted through the VFW 51% of monetary donations should be to VFW programs.


Important Note: Each Post can have their non-profit status revoked by the IRS if they “Fail to maintain adequate records to accurately report your exempt purpose and activities that supports your exemption under code section 501 (c) (19).”  The first item the IRS will ask for during an audit is evidence of community service.  All community service items should be recorded in the Post meeting minutes, which is the second item the IRS will ask for. 


Those Posts that have maintained a properly organized and complete Community Service Record Book and produced it for the IRS during an audit have never had an issue in verification of fulfilling the objectives of their charter from the National VFW. 


To receive proper credit the Community Service Reports will be sent by the Post Community Service Chairperson or the Commander.


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